Friday, April 6, 2012

This, That, and Giveaways!

MMO-Champion is reporting that a new beta build should be released sometime by the end of this week. While nothing pet-related seems to have been datamined (yet), I'm hoping for another wave of newly implemented wild pets on Kalimdor. Maybe we'll even get to see our first preview of the Pet Battles UI/combat? I'd be interested in an updated Pet Journal too.

The anticipation! Ahhh!

In other news, WarcraftPets is having their 5th anniversary today, and to celebrate they're giving away lots of TCG loot cards this weekend! Be sure to check that out. You never know when a companion loot card might be up for grabs. ;P

So happy fifth WarcraftPets! The best part about helping out with the website is working with fellow vanity pet lovers and enjoying the company of an awesome community. :) May there be many more bright and pet-filled years for the site and community! ♥

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