Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Owen's Wishing Well

While checking out the new Jade Forest zone, I stumbled across an absolutely breathtaking spot in the northern area, slightly northwest of the Ruins of Gan Shi. It's a very serene area with a single fountain and a bunch of Wishing Frog critters wandering about.

This fountain area was flagged as Owen's Wishing Well, and upon getting closer I found a Lucky Golden Coin sitting on the well's wall. It was clickable so I tossed it in and gained a buff called "Made-a-Wish" that didn't seem to do anything but lasted 10 minutes.

What attracted me the most was the bird that was perched on the fountain. It was stunning and kept fidgeting around, so I was almost scared that my approach towards it would cause it to fly away.

At first I thought it might be a rarespawn or even a rare critter, but it turns out it was just part of the scenery. Bummer!

The colorful feathers and large beak make me think of a kingfisher. It's an absolutely gorgeous creature that I would LOVE to add my collection if I could.


  1. Owen's wishing well was made in commemoration for a friend of mine. Owen was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma, A type of bone cancer when he was 14. He used his make a wish trip to go visit Blizzard inc and he was lucky enough to have this well and a cpu put in the game. Owen passed about two weeks ago at the age of 16. Seeing this makes me very happy, thank you for making this little segment on his little piece of the game.

    1. @Anonymous: My deepest condolences. Thank you for sharing some of the background story behind this enchanting fountain area. It's an absolutely beautiful tribute to Owen. :)

    2. I took a moment to pray at Owen's well. Bless his soul and may you and his family find solace in his memory.

  2. i doubt this really was tbh

  3. Please see this article about Owen's trip to Blizzard Headquarters on February 22, 2012 through the Make-a-wish foundation:

    I think this area and the "Made-a-Wish" buff is a beautiful tribute to Owen. In Ghostcrawler's recent dev interview he discussed the importance of things that the team adds to the game through Make-a-wish.

    There is another article on the site above confirming that Owen passed away on April 6th of this year.

    Thank you Blizzard for this!


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