Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Dreamed a Little Dream

I had a dream about vanity pet achievements last night lol. In the dream I was attempting to find a solution to some issue with newer players vs. older players and new collections vs. old collections.

The answer to it all? Using the Pet Journal to cage all your vanity pets and relearn them in a special companion "code" to unlock special achievements.

So in my dream, there was an STV "code" to unlock the pet achievements found there, and it was "bunny, tiger, tiger, tiger, bunny". (Because we have tigers as minipets right? ROFL!)

Anyway, you could either capture the pets in that order (if you didn't already have them) or you could use your Pet Journal to put them into cages and then relearn them in that specific order. Doing so would unlock something in the achievements, but now that I think about it... my dream never revealed what it was. Nor did I find out what specific issue this way of doing things was a solution for.

Despite none of this making sense now, it seemed to make perfect sense in the dream. I knew I was dreaming but it still felt like a "EUREKA!" moment while I was watching it all play out. Ah well. :P


  1. I really hope for a little orange tiger pet to match my mount. :D

    1. @pandy: A baby tiger would be adorable! I would want to see a new cat model for it, though.

  2. After staring at those lists in the beta so long, I've had dreams about them as well, but nothing that elaborate. More like discovering a certain pet in a zone.

    1. @Doobjanka: I'm not surprised you had dreams about them. XD Those lists have grown so large and they're not even complete yet!


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