Sunday, April 29, 2012

All Children's Week Pets In One Year

WoW Insider just blew my mind. Why didn't I think of it sooner? It's so simple yet brilliant - it's genius!

Get all Children's Week pets in one year. Not possible? Well with account wide pets in MoP, I think it is. :P

Because all pets will be shared across all your toons in MoP, by choosing one of each pet, you'll have all the Children's Week pets ready to summon and play with in MoP. The only trick is that you'll need level appropriate toons for the Outlands and Northrend quest chains.

For the Shattrath quests, you'll need characters that are at least level 60, while the Dalaran chain will require characters that are at least level 70. For the remaining four companions from Stormwind or Orgrimmar, you'll need alts that are at least level 10.

So this neat idea might not be for everyone. But I still say give it your best shot. The pets will still be around next year, and unlike the holiday boss dropped pets, these companions are guaranteed as long as you have the time to complete the quest chains. Don't stress out too much if you can't collect them all right away. They're worth waiting for!


  1. I was thinking about the soulbound pets you've been saving (and I have too.) with tradeable pets, something like mr grubbs for example, you can get multiple times but is BoP to get. you could use that to trade (maybe making a bit of gold?) and just learn the one you have in the bank. I'm going to try it out when MoP is Live. I have the toxic wasteling, mr grubbs, and one other one sitting in my bank so far.

    What is sort of bothering me with account wide pets is that I'm basically "losing" pets, as they are going to be consolidated into one interface. My main has 184 pets, and I have 2 or three alts with over 100 EACH. I have no way to trade those pets off, as far as I know, before this all gets thrown together, thus, if I was going to sell or give away some of the ones I had extra of, I can't. (or can I.. I'm not playing Beta lol)

    1. @pandy: I'm really hoping Blizzard has a plan for the BoP pets in MoP, because right now it's a bit confusing.

      BoP pets that are flagged as "already known" are still useless, soulbound, and can't be added to the journal. (At least for now.) I've tried using my two extra Toxic Wastelings on the beta, and I can't even if I put the one already in my journal into a cage.

      But on the other hand, newly created characters that receive BoP pets in the mail (such as the Corehound Pup) can add a second version of a pet to the journal. The system feels unpolished and unfinished. There's still time for things to change, though.

      And no, there's no way to trade or sell any duplicate pets that you've already learned on alts. They'll just be merged together into the Pet Journal. It's a bit of a downer since it really does feel like a mandatory switch from individual, multiple collections to just one squished collection. I'm not sure how else they would handle this though.


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