Friday, April 6, 2012

Beta Pet Journal Gets Tooltips

In the latest beta patch the Pet Journal was updated. Tooltips and an area for pet stats! The new tooltips shows the cooldown for each ability (example: Cleansing rain has a 5 turn Cooldown), as well as which pet family the skill is strong/weak against. Stats are still largely missing, but at least they're slowly working an area in for them.

The artwork for each pet category was also refined, but I'm sure most see that as just a minor detail. (Lovely touch up nonetheless!)

The "info" option for each companion is still NYI, and clicking on it doesn't do anything yet. Pet Battles are still a no-go on the beta as far as I know too.

Well, one step at a time. :)

Kalimdor received some updates in the wild pet department with more zones being populated. Oh, and instead of the orange bunny icon on the minimap, the tracking feature uses a brown paw print now. Personally, I was growing fond of the orange bunny. :P

UPDATE: Looks like Outlands is starting to fill up with wild pets too! New thread over at the WarcraftPets forums for the Outlands areas. :D

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