Wednesday, April 18, 2012

BoP Pets Still BoP On Beta

While I was cleaning out my druid's bank in hopes to make more space for xmog gear (lol), I came across two items I completely forgot I had - the Clockwork Rocket Bot and Toxic Wasteling. They're the actual BoP pet items. When I picked these up, I decided to keep them despite already knowing the spells for them. My hope was that the items would change to BoE in MoP or in the future.

Anyway, after realizing I still had them in my bank, and my druid was copied to the beta, I decided to check and see if these BoP pet items were altered on the test realm.

(Both images from the beta)

The answer is: no. As of this date and beta build 15589, they are still BoP and you can't trade them, mail them, or learn them a second time on a character that already knows them.

I'm not sure if this will change in a later beta patch, but I'll hang onto them a bit longer just to see. Part of me really doubts that they will be made into BoE, though. Which is sad since players are still receiving these BoP, holiday boss dropped pets on toons that already have them. It seems like such a waste.

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