Monday, April 2, 2012

Planning For the Next Couple of Months

Lots of beta stuff going on, and there's more to come I'm sure. Can't forget that there are two in-game holidays where pets can be acquired from this month! Noblegarden starts next week, just as the DMF ends, while Children's Week starts during the last week of April. Pets, pets everywhere!

I don't think either event will have any new pets to offer, but I'll be checking them both out anyway. I'm still hoping for that fabulously hot pink bunny to become a real vanity pet, rather than just a costume. Heh, if it were up to me, though, all pets would come in every shade/color. Think of the collecting insanity that would cause. *cackle*

After April will come May, which will be a relatively slow collecting time. The only thing currently scheduled is the DMF at the start of the month. Which is fine by me since May 15 is when D3 will be (hopefully) released! Can't wait to see the Fetish Shaman live.

There's also a chance that the next TCG deck, Tomb of the Forgotten, will be released some time in May. I haven't heard of an official release date yet, though. That expansion will contain the common loot card (pet!), Sand Scarab.

So even with beta going on, there's still vanity pets to look forward to on the live servers. I'm glad that I can hunt for new discoveries on the beta during the collecting downtime, but then go back to collecting things in-game when I've exhausted all my finds on the test realms.

Once D3 is released, though, I wonder if I'll have the time/energy to do everything. :P


  1. Good god, I hope they don't add another Children's pet this year. I skipped a year or two accidentally so my main collector doesn't have the Willy pet. I was going to get it last year but then they added those two new pets! T_T Which I had to get because they were ADORABLE.

    So now I'm hoping that there's nothing new coming out so I can catch up. Is that selfish of me? ;p

    1. @Rachelle J: I think many collectors feel this way, which is completely reasonable imo. Too many, too soon gets overwhelming and which could turn people off, so I doubt Blizzard will release another round of Children's Week so soon after last year's newly added pets. Besides they have their hands full adding pets for MoP! :P


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