Friday, April 27, 2012

A Fish and Vermling

Two new pets were discovered in the latest beta build (should be deployed soon)!
Tiny Goldfish
Feral Vermling
The goldfish pet is a Bind on Use item that requires an honored or higher reputation with The Anglers faction. According to El's Extreme Anglin', this companion will cost 250 gold. It seems like a fitting pet, but I hope its name accurately reflects its size. I don't know about everyone else, but the tinier it is, the cuter it is imo! :)

The vermling companion is also a Bind on Use item, and Wowhead News is claiming that it will be the Master Pet Hunter achievement reward. I'm skeptical about this since the achievement doesn't have any reward attached to it atm, normally achievement rewarded pets aren't BoU (from what I remember), and I haven't found any other source that would indicate this as its reward, but we'll see! Things could change in less than a moment's notice.

I think many a collector will be quite pleased with the Feral Vermling companion, as I've heard lots of "we must have this as a pet!" requests since beta started and testing began in panda-land. I'm a bit ambivalent about these creatures so far, and I'll have to wait and see what its model is before I can pass judgement. When I first saw one of the derpy-rabbit-like mobs (in-game, not its concept art), it made me think of a reskinned Oracle from Sholazar Basin. Shrug. Perhaps it was this deja vu feeling that made me less smitten about the virmen than other mobs/pets. Then again, my feelings could change depending on the final version of the companion/game... and being such a pushover for pets, it's likely my feelings will end up doing a flip flop. :P

UPDATE: Both MMO-Champion and Wowhead databases are showing the Master Pet Hunter achievement with the vermling reward attached to it now.

I still find it strange that an achievement reward is tagged as Bind on Use rather than BoP. I know pets are going account wide in MoP, but could this mean players won't need to complete the actual achievement to get the companion rewarded for it? In other words, tradable achievement rewards? Not sure how I feel about that if that's the case.

Or will this minipet get a update in a future patch to change it to BoP? We'll see.

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