Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Another One Possibly Snuck In

fox kit?! comments on wowhead show that the official wow community website has this item listed as being dropped from fox creatures in tol barad peninsula.

no confirmed drop has been reported yet.

the pet is bind on pick up.. if it even exists. will be writing more later, and yes, i am sighing at the prospect of even more PVP.

update: after 4 hours of straight farming, all i've seen are two types of grey vendor trash from the fox creatures on the peninsula. this rumor is looking a bit dismal so far. not even an uncommon item has dropped yet. these foxes must have a teeny tiny loot table, or the chances of finding something other than claws or fangs are extremely low.

i'll have to come back again tomorrow to try some more.


  1. This would be nice. BoP has me a little perplexed by a drop pet however, but I'll remain hopeful.

  2. @harval - i agree. the bop part as well as the overall drops from the fox mobs so far makes me wonder if this is just another one of those "it never went live" things.


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