Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Plan of Action

cataclysm is less than a week away! it's so exciting yet a little overwhelming at the same time. there will be 17 possible pets to collect in the expansion, NOT including the ones that we really have no information about other than the name and any hidden surprise companions blizzard has in store for us. (also not including the TCG and CE pets)

still, 17 is quite a lot! i really need to sit down and think of my collecting strategy. unlike previous expansions, i'll have a head start since there's quite a bit of information on each of the known companions so far. where, how, etc. before, i just kind of just jumped straight into the deep end and hoped to float.

i'm going to make the most of the readily available information this time around, and write up a priority list for myself. i may have to enlist the help of some friends and/or alts for a few of these crafted pets. hm... that's something i'll have to work out later.

first things first, though. get. to. level. 85!

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