Sunday, December 12, 2010

Won't Someone Think of the Children?!

dear blizzard,

although children's week 2011 is still a ways away, i'd like to state that i would greatly enjoy having new orphans to show around azeroth as well as new companions to collect from the quests. these activities are always interesting and fun... but only when working properly! :P

i implore you to please check and then double check any potential new quests for worgen/goblin orphans that you may be implementing in the future.

the northrend orphan bug was absolutely devastating for pet collectors who were very eager to give both the curious oracle hatchling and curious wolvar pup a home, only to discover they were unable to do so due to the quest being unrepeatable. (fixing this issue for 2011 would also be much appreciated!)

there's always room in a pet collector's home for more, and we welcome any and all. please don't let something like a miscalculated timer or bug get in the way of our very big hearts!

here's hoping for a bug-free children's week 2011,

ps: could bubbles, little snail, and lizzy be the new pet rewards for children's week 2011? y/n? ;)


  1. i think it would be really epic to be able to bring around an orphan and quest with him. its really depressing when blizzard introduces a terrific idea, but fails on the implementation. i feel like blizzard sometimes fails to capitalize on how exciting some aspects of the game associated with pet collecting can be. though i feel like the main problem associated with that issue is caused by the lack of pet collectors and enthusiasts on their development teams. i guess what im really saying is, go you!

  2. This is a long ways off, but I certainly hope they don't forget to put in new orphan quests for Cataclysm (with pets, obviously).

  3. @Anonymous: PVP/PVE > collecting; the former reaches a wider audience. even so, i think a lot of their developers ARE pretty enthusiastic about the vanity aspect of the game, but since it's a majority rules type of market, they can't fully capitalize on it even if they wanted to.

    @Harval: i'm trying to decide if i'd rather they fix the northrend orphan quest or add in new goblin/worgen ones for children's week. it's a toss up so far, and ideally i'd prefer both :D

  4. @Quintessence - A few months back I noticed in a data mine that they added "new" Dalaran Orphan quests, presumably so people can do them again. I'm hopeful they fixed that this time around, I'm more concerned with the new pets.

    Even if they didn't fix it, 3 is a bigger number than 1 (assuming they keep with the 3 pet selection theme). But both fixes would definitely be the preference.


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