Wednesday, December 22, 2010

WarcraftPets Contest is also having a contest giveaway tomorrow, thursday, december 23 at 1 PM (EST)! the pet prizes are:
- x1 tuskarr kite
- x8 landros' lil' xt
plus a grim campfire. all prizes courtesy of WoWTCG Loot!

to enter the contest, simply login into twitter and follow WarcraftPets. at 1 PM (EST) questions will start popping up and first person to answer correctly wins! contest questions will be posted throughout the day. be sure to include "@WarcraftPets" and your username in your tweet along with your answer so we know who's who. :) one prize per member. good luck and happy holidays!

**update, dcember 23rd: congrats to everyone that won the twitter WarcraftPets contest! i hope you enjoyed the trivia :D


  1. Guess I'll be trying to remember this, Tuskarr Kite would be nice to have.

  2. And I won! I shouldn't be this excited, but this is like the first time I can remember winning a contest of any sort.


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