Wednesday, December 8, 2010

One Down!

i spent a good chunk of tonight just sitting around in jadefang's cave, hoping she would spawn. between doing some cataclysm random dungeons and side quests in and around the caves... it was a very dull night.

nothing came of sitting around and waiting but at about 3 am tonight, i was reminded by my better half to go and check to see if the rarespawn was up. needless to say, i wasn't exactly all that hopeful but part of me (the collector part) couldn't resist the urge to at least try.

what do you know? lady luck was on my side! i'm now a proud owner of the tiny shale spider. the first pet on my list can officially be checked off now, and i can move on to finishing up leveling and gathering up all the other pets. :D

for anyone keeping track (for spawn timer purposes) - jadefang killed 3 AM (PST) on server kil'jaeden, december 8, 2010.

and on a side note with a tinge of sap: the tiny shale spider, whom i probably wouldn't have gotten tonight if it hadn't been for my better half encouraging me to check on jadefang's spawn, is my 143rd pet. totally unintentional. lol. (if you're not familiar with pager code, 143 stands for "i love you.") just something to add to my catalog of pet collecting memories. :)


  1. Congrats on the spider - and on the 143 ;)

  2. Congrats on the Spider :) Dropped in to say my guild got the critter kill squad achivement today so I have a nice armadillo pet waiting for me when I get exalted :D

  3. @NiceBloke - thanks!

    @Anonymous - thank you and grats on the armadillo! 50k critters in less than a few days? that's dedication! :D

  4. There are some sheep in Uldum at Ahkenet fields that are on a constant respawn my Co-Gm and officer 2 manned it haha :)

  5. @Bennjoon - yea there are quite a few hot spots where the critters are just endless respawns, but after finding out you need to be exalted with your guild before you can buy the pet.. i figured there's no rush for me. :D

  6. Hey!

    Could you post your cataclysm list? So I may try to emulate it somewhat!


    Congrats and thanks for all your hardwork ;D I recently got 103 pets which I am proud of although quite a small number compared to your epic collection!

  7. @Oombulance - now that cata's released, i suggest heading over to!

    it has the same information but it's more organized and a lot prettier! :D


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