Thursday, December 2, 2010

Showing Some Love

if you haven't visited WarcraftPets recently (as a pet collector, how could you not?! :P), you may be unaware of the site's recent struggle with handling the increased traffic it's gotten ever since patch 4.0.3. website creator and director, brain (also known as breanni), had to recently hire outside help with upgrading and optimizing the site. this was something that would obviously cost extra, especially if it had to be done before next week's expansion release.

it's only been about a day since a donation link was put up on the front news page of the website, yet the community has successfully doubled the amount of donations needed. in fact, the donations exceeded the goal in less than half a day of the initial posting!

it's absolutely heartwarming to see how understanding and giving the pet collecting community is. acts of generosity such as this really makes me take a step back and realize just how grateful i am to be apart of such a supportive, fun, friendly, and dedicated community.

pet collecting is still relatively small when compared to the larger groups in world of warcraft, but this overwhelming act of goodwill shows that we are indeed the most loyal and obsessed dedicated to the cause! ♥

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