Monday, December 13, 2010

Winter Veil Soon

winter veil is coming soon and with it a relatively large number of pets to collect. (but not quite as many as the whopping 19 we received upon the cataclysm expansion!)

the biggest question on a pet collector's mind for this holiday season: will there be a new companion under the holiday tree on december 25? (presents from the tree won't be obtainable until the day of christmas unless blizzard has changed their philosophy on this from previous years.)

my hope is yes, there will be a shiny new pet for us to collect. then again, any other expectation from me would be odd, wouldn't it? :P "no, i don't want a pet! i want a new toy!" would be so out of character lol. oh, if that new toy were an item that allowed more than one non-combat pet out at a time, i think i could make an exception. haha but i digress.

speaking of shiny, finding the celestial dragon would be an absolute treat in my humble opinion. it sort of has that wintery, magical feel to it? wowhead is showing that this pet has been updated with its own item, so there is still some hope that this one may pop up sometime in the future for players to collect.

don't hold your breath though. as always, there are many companions that have models, spell IDs, item IDs, and hell, even screenshots, and yet are still unavailable on live servers for whatever reason blizzard sees fit.

although i recognize and know all of this, i'm still hopeful as many other players are too, i'm sure.

what other possible pets could be found underneath father winter's holiday tree this year? there's a long list of companions that have yet to find homes so blizzard is definitely not without ideas or options. let's just hope they pick one for us this year!

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