Monday, December 6, 2010

Deathwing's At Your Door

be ready to let him in! for those who ordered a collector's edition of cataclysm (and if you've received it already):
"You can attach a key if it happened to arrive early. It won't grant you access to anything Cataclysm until midnight PST.

(except the CE pet if you got it)" - Bashiok
so congrats! you can be a proud owner of lil' deathwing even before the expansion goes live. :D

right now i'm just counting down the hours before the mad dash to 85 and all the new pets! i have my check list ready as well as a tentative layout and plan of what zones i want to hit and which pets i'm hoping to collect first. the rest is up to blizzard and fate/RNG!

i'll likely be quiet for the next few days or at least until i hit 85. if there are new pets that were never discovered on beta, i'll probably note that and come back to write more about it after i reach level cap.

until then, i wish everyone the best, enjoy the new/old world, and happy collecting!

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