Friday, December 10, 2010

Slowly But Surely

i've acquired a few more pets since the tiny shale spider, yay! a guildie of mine crafted and mailed me the de-weaponized mechanical companion. many thanks *hearts* :) and i caved and bought the elementium geode for a couple thousand off of the auction house. for some reason i just couldn't wait for that one. it's so awesome looking!

last but not least, i ground out archaeology for about 5-6 hours. it was tough to resist the urge to solve any of the artifacts until i reached 100 skill, at which point i went nuts and solved a bunch. i saved the fossil artifacts for last to solve to ensure that i had the highest possible skill, hoping that on the off chance that the higher your skill, the more likely you'll get a rare artifact to solve. and what do you know! either my plan succeeded or luck was on my side again. i nabbed the fossilized hatchling after i solved my second fossil artifact. since i also saved an entire continent with mainly fossil survey areas, i was able to finish off the hatchling really quickly.

today was my day #1 for the pebble achievement. i learned my lesson from the beta. this time around i'm manually keeping track of how many times i've done the daily since the achievement doesn't tally your completions for you. 9 more times to go! i just hope it's not bugged like it was on the beta. i never received pebble either from an NPC or in the mail. :(

there are still more to collect but those will come with determination, persistence and time. i'm looking forward to all of them! (well.. except maybe the rustberg seagull. even though it doesn't involve direct PVP, there's bound to be some due to the location and nature of the dailies required to get the pet. bleh.)


  1. I bought the geode of a guildy for a reduced price which was really awesome of him :) I'm on a pvp server and a holy priest so I'm hoping my DK friend will help me out for the fox kit.

  2. @Bennjoon: what a generous guildie! good luck with the hunt for the fox kit. :)


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