Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Guild Page... Pet?

meet the guild page. he is one of the first non-combat pets that has a summoning cooldown. did i mention he's the first pet that's a grown freaking man? awkward!

currently i really don't see the point of this pet since he's just a vendor for the guild rewards, and most of the items have yet to be unlocked. not to mention there's a guild vendor conveniently located in stormwind and orgrimmar.

it is nice to have another vendor on hand, though. even if he only hangs around for five minutes and has an EIGHT HOUR summoning cooldown. i'm having trouble understanding the purpose of such a short duration with such a long cooldown. it makes me wonder where he goes for those 8 hours. probably the bar. i guess carrying a guild crest for 5 minutes at a time is hard work...? lol.

oh and ironically the guild page tries to sell you another guild page. it's a pyramid scheme, i tell you!


  1. Haha, I'm about 200 rep away from hitting honored with my guild. Have you tried putting a leash on him? I wonder if Blizzard went ahead and disabled it before they had to hear about it afterwards.

  2. @Anonymous: i haven't tried playing fetch or putting a leash on him yet, but i doubt i'll be able to do either. :(

  3. grown man, 5 minutes every 8 hours...sounds about right :)

  4. @gormanghaste: haha that made me snicker :P


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