Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Success in the Nick of Time

hooray! i managed to get three more pets last night. one fairly early on in the evening, and two just before the server went down.

the blue mini jouster was a pleasure to acquire since i had repeated the chain and quests multiple times on the beta. i'm still slightly sad that i can't pick up the gold version of this pet too, but i won't be greedy. one is satisfactory!

one thing that i DO wish blizzard would change is the fact that there's no interaction between the two pets! i'd love to see an epic mini-battle between the blue and gold. oh well.

the second pet was the rustberg seagull. despite it being somewhat last on my list of "to-get", i snagged all of the commendations and ground my way up to honored. it wasn't as bad as i thought it would be (minus the PVP action), but it helps when your faction is in control of tol barad nearly 100% of the time. (i hear the tol barad battle currently favors the defending faction, opposite to how wintergrasp was.) that meant i had extra dailies to do each day, making gathering the reputation and currency that much quicker.

the seagull is really adorable. it will do a little back flip every once in a while (like the hunter pet version of the seagull), and it flies quite fast! i'm constantly amused whenever i'm hovering in flight form and it does a little back flip next to me.

the third pet was the guild page. this one i had to do a mad rush to get. since the guild reputation had just rolled over at 3 am, i only had a couple of hours before the server went down for maintenance to obtain the last few bars of guild rep that i needed. with 3 minutes left on the clock, i hit honored with my guild and then dashed to the vendor to buy and learn the pet!

once servers come back up i'll take a screenshot of the guild page. it's quite... large. lol. i feel slightly awkward calling him a "companion" or "pet" due to his size. i mean, he's a grown man carrying around the guild crest for crying out loud! well, you'll see what i mean when i can get a picture of it up.

my guild also unlocked the armadillo pup yesterday while i was away from the game. hooray! too bad i'll have to wait such a very long time before i can buy it. hitting exalted reputation feels like such a distant dream with the current reputation cap.

on a side and slightly unrelated note: part of me feels blizzard went about the whole guild reputation the wrong way. i've been apart of my current guild for at least 4 years, and yet i only JUST hit honored. isn't that strange? especially if this were a real life type of community? guild reputation should have been somewhat retroactive, imho, and those who were long standing members prior to the new guild system should have been able to start out at a higher rep at the beginning of the expansion. just my two cents on the matter.

anyway, two more pets down! still many more to go!


  1. I agree w/ the guild rep thing. We raid typically 3 hours a day, 3 days a week, and I've killed every raid boss in existence in BC and LK multiple times, and almost everyone on hms too. Myself and 24 other (ok not always the same 24 but we are a 25man raiding guild), buit a core of 13 of us have farmed raids/instances/wg and more together, yet, we have the same guild rep as new ppl that joined recently.
    I know there is some way they (Blizzard) could see, at the very least for 2-3 weeks before cata hit and give us higher guild rep.
    Doesn't seem right...

  2. @Samus Aran: definitely. blizzard has logs of just about everything, so it would only be a matter of a little extra effort on their part to put a retroactive guild reputation calculator into place. i guess it wasn't worth it to them, and they decided to take the easier route. oh well, what's done is done.


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