Saturday, December 11, 2010

It's Not All Sunshine and Rainbows

there's been confirmation of the fox kit drop, so i've been hunting for it over the past couple of days. a total of about 10 hours has gone into the search, but still nothing.

i managed to find an endless amount of griefing in the PVP sense though. player versus player just is not my cup of tea so the prospect of farming for this pet really has me down and out.

i'm not sure what feels worse; my initial reaction when the new holiday dungeon boss system first released or the search for this pet (and ultimate run-ins with ganking and large parties of PVPers.) the former caused and the latter is causing an upset in my pet collecting enthusiasm. i can describe it as a sort of sinking feeling in my gut.

part of me is thankful that blizzard has offered a surprise for collectors, but then again i'm cursing the developers for the specifics of the surprise. the fox kit is bind on pick up. you will encounter some PVP, harassment, ganking, camping, etc. (although i'm not sure if this applies to non-PVP servers, but i wouldn't be surprised if it did since Tol Barad in general was intended to be a PVP area.) the extremely low drop rate and the very limited number of mobs to obtain it from. actually, the latter wouldn't bother me much at all, as i've gone through more than a few grindy searches for pets. however the former two details really compounds it all into a less than enjoyable situation.

some minor changes to how the pet can be acquired would definitely be appreciated, but i'm not really hoping for anything. had the pet been made to be bind on use instead, i would feel less gloomy about it all tbh. or even the ability to fly in the zone to escape some unwanted PVP situations.

this isn't to say i'm giving up. the stubborn side of me will press on despite the pessimism and melancholy that's overcome me. it's just one of those companions that you know you have to have, will suffer through endlessly for, and finally look back on and either see it all as a fond memory or come to despise the pet/situation.

i don't know how long it will take me to get this pet. the PVP really does cut down the efficiency of farming for it. i predict it will be one of the last to be checked off my list. i know my obsession and general compulsion to get the companion will overcome the discouraged state of mind that i'm currently in. perhaps i just need to give it some time.


  1. I know what you mean, maybe we might be lucky and it will drop from any fox. I know I'm going to kill any fox I see now.

  2. I'm not 100% sure, but I think on PVE realms you are not pvp flagged in the area where Baradin Foxes spawn and thus don't need to PVP to get their kit.

  3. @NiceBloke: i doubt that blizzard would be that generous x_x

    @Anonymous: oh? i'm not on a PVE realm so i really can't say. it be would be somewhat strange if they didn't get flagged for PVP on the tol barad peninsula even though they're on a norml server, though. that zone/area was intended for PVP, but if they don't get flagged, lucky them! if only i had started out on a non-PVP server. :P

  4. On PVE realms the Tol Barad Peninsula is not flagged.

    The Main part of Tol Barad is only flagged during an actual battle. You can complete the extra dailies there without worrying about PVP activity

  5. @Anonymous December 14, 2010 9:26 AM: thanks for confirming one way or another!


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