Thursday, March 15, 2012

Diablo 3 Release Date

The official release date for Diablo 3 is out! May 15, 2012! I hope everyone's ready for the Fetish Shaman. :P

I'm not entirely sure I'll be getting the CE of D3, so the pet is kinda up in the air for me. But! Even if I don't get the companion I'm still really excited for D3. I also can't wait to see this pet on live servers in WoW. :D

So two more months and hopefully the Fetish Shaman will be joining the ranks of many a collector's vanity pet army!


  1. I'm really excited- I've never played Diablo, but my husband has been a HUGE fan since the original and can't wait. We're both getting Collectors Editions because we couldn't agree on who would get the pet, lol! He's not a collector like I am, but there's always a few he likes (like we both have Grunty). I'm mostly excited to try out the game that has so many people freaking out over the release!

    1. @Saberella: Same here, never played but really excited! I wasn't sure I'd enjoy a top-down static camera type of gameplay, but the demo at Blizzcon made me change my mind.

      I hope the Fetish Shaman's as cool live as he is in the datamined videos and pictures!


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