Monday, March 19, 2012

Additional Pet MoP Tid-Bits

Bashiok wrote up an interesting blog post about MoP not from a developer point of view, but from a player's perspective. In this post he ponders over what he should do (in the Beta I'm assuming) after hitting level cap (lvl 90).

Here are a couple of things that should be noted:
- "With the new factions and their currencies I can acquire Craftsman tokens to spend on vanity items like fun toys or pets..."

- "I’m not ashamed to say I’m kind of geeked up over the new Pet Battle system. I wasn’t a very avid pet collector before, but after battling some of my friends (and seeing how much some of the trained pets sell for on the auction house) my interest has definitely skyrocketed."
It sounds as if factions will have a Craftsman currency that you can use to purchase faction specific companions, and although it wasn't confirmed or even mentioned during the Press Tour, selling/trading leveled up BoP pets may still be a feature that will be in MoP.

Remember that things could change between now and the release of the next expansion, but this is definitely interesting news for pet collectors!

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