Sunday, March 4, 2012

It's Baaaack

Darkmoon Faire is here again! This time it will be my last visit to the faire (for now) since I only need the Darkmoon Cub to complete my faire collection.

I've actually been quite busy this weekend, so I missed out on the opening night of double dailies, but that's ok. I overstocked on artifacts and since I only need one pet this month, I should be able to acquire those 90 tickets with ease. Soooo I'm going to take it easy this DMF. :P

Since March doesn't have any special occasion or holiday for collecting pets, I'm probably going to be taking more screenshots of my pets. :) Hooray for some downtime to simply enjoy these little ones!

Oh, but I'm definitely eager to hear what Blizzard has to say about MoP and if there will be any pet-related or Pet Battles news. They're supposed to have their announcement about it sometime this month.

Last but not least... maybe they'll also release Soul of the Aspects "soon" too? I'm still hoping!

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