Sunday, March 18, 2012

Give Me All Your Dataz

Tonight the NDA will be lifted and many websites and fansites will reveal lots of MoP-related teasers and news. I'm already watching them like a hawk in hopes of finding some pet-related content! At the very least, I bet we'll see some news on Pet Battles.

Other stuff I'd like to find out more about:
- Renaming companions: Y/N in MoP?

- Account wide: What does it really mean and how will it work? Will it include cross faction pets?

- Tradable/AH-able pets: What are the restrictions and limitations (if any)?

- Wild pets: How will it work and will it be like archaeology where it's more individualistic or will there be heavy competition like when players find a rarespawn?

- New pets to come: Teasers of first time previewed companions, yes please!
That's all I can think of off the top of my head. I'm also hoping for the MoP Beta to open up shortly after the information dump.

Worst case scenario is that there's no new information on Pet Battles and no pet-related MoP news. But in a situation like that, it just means pet collectors will have to do the research and digging themselves once the MoP Beta opens up. I'm not entirely against that since I love a good hunt for details and info, but it would still be nice if Blizzard offered up some pet tid-bits since mini-pets are getting more and more popular.

Anyway, I'm ready to do some detective work and sift through a lot of information. For science pets!

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