Monday, March 26, 2012

MoP Beta: Wild Pet Tracking

Rhapture pointed out a thread on the Petopia forums about a new feature on the beta - tracking wild pets! So of course I had to log into the beta and see for myself. :P

Sure enough, there's a new tracking feature for "Wild Battle Pets" that's available on your mini-map. If you can't tell from the screenshot, it's an orange bunny icon.

In the case of the screenshot above, I was standing next to the new Black Sheep critter in Elwynn Forest. This critter also happens to have the new crosshair cursor, so it's looking more and more like the new cursor icon is indeed related to Pet Battles and wild pet collecting! How exciting!

So now I'm making it my mission to scan over all zones in the beta to see if there are more possible wild pets that are in the works. The lovely people over at Petopia's thread have already found a couple new critters: Polly and the Tiny Bog Beast.

UPDATE: Tiny Harvesters in Westfall. :)

Although a lot of the critters are showing up as Wild Battle Pets, we still don't know if we'll be able to collect these wild babies or not. They may simply be critters that our current companions can battle against to gain levels from. We'll have to wait for Blizzard to fully implement Pet Battles and wild pets to find out more.

UPDATE #2: Doobjanka has created a large list of all the critters that he's discovered on the Eastern Kingdoms continent so far. Kalmidor currently doesn't have any of its critters flagged as a Wild Battle Pet yet.


  1. I sent you a twitter message, but just in case you don't see it, someone posted this great thread on Petopia about all of the spells and pets they have data mined for the new pet battles.

    1. @Rhapture: Thanks! Looks like there's a list on WarcraftPets Forums too :D

  2. Guess that means map addons like gathermate will have a use for this in the future.

    Gief beta invite already. Screw monks and leveling, I wanna check out the pet related stuff!

    1. @Maru: It'll be interesting how addons will respond to the wild pet tracking. I bet someone will come up with one that you can set to track a specific wild pet! (Like NPCscan)


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