Saturday, March 31, 2012

Preview of Pet Combat Abilities

Some of the pets now have their combat abilities listed in the Pet Journal now! Most of them are still lacking their skills and there aren't any tooltips for any of them, but it's interesting to take a look at. Here's some video I took of it:

I had a go at adding voice over. Please excuse my lack of practice and skill when it comes to narrating stuff. x_x

For a bigger preview of some of the skills and abilities found in the Pet Journal so far, check out Evilgnomey's thread on WarcraftPets Forums.

Pet Battles still hasn't been fully implemented, so while we can take a look at their skills and stuff, we can't use them just yet. Also, remember it's still the beta so the abilities and types could change at any moment's notice (and my video may end up being outdated sooner rather than later! lol :P)

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