Saturday, March 10, 2012

A Wish For 2012 Summer Olympics

The Summer Olympics starts July 27 this year, and guess what? July and August are a bit lacking in terms of in-game events. Dare I suggest a perfect time to fit in an Olympic themed achievement + vanity pet reward? :P

Many have already started to question whether or not there will be another event for this year's Summer Olympics, but so far there's no sign that there will be any type of holiday or celebration in-game.

Developers have their hands full (deadlines for not one, or two, but THREE games), so new content like an Olympic event will probably not be high on their "to-do" list, but we can keep hoping right? :)

Two big questions if there is to be an event: What would the reward be (if any) and what would the holiday entail?

(Image from WarcraftPets Forum)

WarcraftPets polled its community on Twitter last month and many seemed to like the idea of an English-themed puppy pet as the reward. The corgi wind-up toy that was discovered during The Feast of Winter Veil was and still is a popular idea. Since Queen Elizabeth II is fond of and owns several corgis, I'd say this dog would fit this year's Olympic event. I worry that instead of being an actual vanity pet, Blizzard will implement it as is, though (a wind-up toy).

Another possible idea that wouldn't require a whole new design/model is an English mastiff puppy. There is already a mastiff model in-game (comes in a few colors!) and would merely require a shrink to make it companion-sized. Or if developers feel up to it, they could take that existing model and edit it to make it puppy-cute. XD

Either way, more puppies please! :)

But how to reward an olympic-themed vanity pet?

The Spirit of Competition that was awarded in 2008 for winning a BG involved PVP, and there were a fair amount of complaints about it. Because the olympics revolve around friendly competition, I don't think PVP should be removed entirely from an in-game olympic holiday. Instead, I think a second option of a more PVE route should be provided along with the "win a BG" achievement. Perhaps a quest chain that awards the same vanity pet? Players could then choose to either brave battlegrounds or do the quest chain to meet the requirement and receive the Olympic reward. People like it when there are a couple of options. :)

In the end I'm not really expecting anything this year, though. Blizzard is pretty busy so I doubt they'll have the time to properly implement a new event that will only be around for a short period of time. And even if they pushed their devs to the limit and set into motion an Olympic themed holiday, I fear it will be rushed and very buggy. I'd much rather they take their time and come up with something solid, concrete, and something that nearly everyone can enjoy.

Still, every time I pass by a mastiff NPC or mob, I wistfully sigh and think to myself 'Maybe one day I'll be able to adopt you.'


  1. As good as I find your suggestions, I think I'd be a bit bitter if Blizzard gives the Summer Olympics in London a big event after retroactively changing their website so they could skip the Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

    1. @Heartfruit: I found it pretty strange and unfair that they would emphasize the Summer Olympics but not the Winter Olympics, so I can understand your sentiments.

      Perhaps it was a politically driven business move since Blizzard has a branch dealing specifically with the Chinese region. That and the 2008 Summer Olympics was pretty over-hyped due to it being in China for the first time.

  2. I'm just hoping they bring back the Spirit of Competition. I totally missed out on that one the first time. I'm hoping for either the all pets on all characters thing or a resurgence of the original "event" for the Olympics.

    1. @musicchan: While part of me hopes they eventually make the Spirit of Competition available again, another part hopes they don't. It would just add to the confusion of what Blizzard's overarching goal with vanity pets is. "Keep things rare," they say, yet they keep bringing old pets back. If they truly meant to maintain some pets' rarity, it wouldn't even be an option to make them available again. They're sending out mixed signals which is frustrating.


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