Thursday, March 22, 2012

MoP Beta: Darkmoon Rabbit

UPDATE: Currently the achievement to kill the Darkmoon Rabbit doesn't have any rewards tied to it, so how the pet is obtained is still a mystery! We might have to wait until the first week of next month to get a preview of the MoP Darkmoon Faire.

MMO-Champion did some datamining and our first NEW vanity pet in MoP is the Darkmoon Rabbit! It's not only new, it's of EPIC quality and so far it's Bind on Use. How this pet's obtained is unknown so far, but there's an achievement that requires players to "Slay the ferocious Darkmoon Rabbit." (That Rabbit's Dynamite!) I'm not entirely sure if it's related, but it might be considering the Darkmoon Rabbit (whatever it may be) is involved.

MMO-Champion also has some awesome screenshots of critters and mobs that I absolutely would LOVE to add to my collection (if they ever come in vanity pet form):
- beaver
- crane
- cricket
- silkworm
- water strider
- raccoon
- otter
Anyway, I haven't done much in the beta yet except log in and set up my UI to my liking. The vanity pet tab hasn't changed much from what I've seen and I haven't found the Pet Battles trainer or any wild pets (yet).

I'm going to head back in shortly and hopefully get some awesome screenshots and possibly video of some cool new pet stuff... if I can find it!


  1. As far as I can see Pet Battles haven't been implimented yet. I don't know about wild pets, cause I don't know how to find them. Its my understanding that this part of the beta is just for testing the panda start zone. I've not seen any new pets in game yet myself.

    1. @Raax: Same here, although I am noticing some minor detail changes that I've noted in my post here.

  2. There is lots to suggest that the Darkmoon Faire island has something sinister about it. Perhaps the rabbit will drop off a monster Darkmoon Rabbit wondering the rest of the island.

    1. @Heartfruit: I'm thinking so too. Or perhaps it's a sort of unlockable pet after you've killed the rabbit? New world raid boss? So many possibilities!


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