Monday, March 19, 2012

MoP Press Tour: Pet Shtuff

Ready for some pet-related content only? :P

To view the full MoP Press Tour information, check out MMO-Champion, Wowhead News, and WoW Insider. Be ready for giant walls of text crits, though!

Below I'll be listing the NEW information, as the Press Tour really didn't reveal much that we didn't already know. For a full list of mini-pet updates and Pet Battle news, check out WarcraftPets!

NEW stuff:
- 100+ wild pets to collect in MoP.

- Account wide pets confirmed.

- Renaming ALL pets confirmed.

- Pet Battle stats will NOT show losses, only wins.

- While in a Pet Battle, you will NOT be able to see your opponent's name or communicate with them.

- Updated pet UI.

- Pet Battles smartphone apps is being considered but not high on "to do" list.

- Possibility of growing your own mini-pets on your personal farm? (*cough*Farmville*cough*)

Stuff that hasn't been answered (yet):
- Will account wide pets allow all characters access to cross faction pets?

- Trading/Selling leveled up BoP pets has yet to be confirmed.

- How will collecting a wild pet work?

- Will the "100 wild pets" be new or existing companions that have suddenly turned feral?

- What will the CE pet be?
There are a lot more questions but I expect many of them will be answered once we move into open MoP Beta testing. I'm very eager to test it all out, but for now I guess I'll just have to start brainstorming over 100 names for all of my pets. I have a feeling I'm going to get lazy or tired and wind up naming some of them "Bob 2" and "Flying Bird 4" lol.

Edit: One last thing... WTB Mirror Strider pet and Porcupine pet!

Edit #2: Would love to see a crane pet and more kite variations! (Is that a bird kite or a butterfly kite?)


  1. I'm only in the middle of all the info, but I'm SO relieved that they're only going to count wins and not loses, so that people won't get discouraged via that. I hate PVP and Arena, and was worried pet battles would be something I'd end up hating. Now it seems like something that's very low-pressure and mini game-ish. I'm looking forward to trying it out in the beta testing.

    1. @Saberella: I wonder if many of those that weren't into mini-pets prior to the Pet Battles announcement will have a falling out with the feature now that Blizz has revealed they won't be tracking losses. I mean, there's not much point in a competitive ranking system if the stats for wins AND losses can't be shown together.

      Well, either way this does make me feel somewhat relieved and more at ease with the thought of Pet Battles.

      But now my worries are about wild pets and collecting them... x_x

  2. Gotta get 'em all! Yeah, when they said how many there'd be... that was a tiny bit overwhelming. My love of both mounts and pets is going to get a serious workout with Mists. Or maybe I should just give up trying to get them all and just get the ones I really like. I do so love all my pets, but even with a random pet addon there's so many I never see.


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