Saturday, March 31, 2012

MoP Pet Vendor!

A new pet vendor was discovered in panda-land! The vendor's name is Bubblemaker Ashji, and in the screenshot you can see fishes in bubbles and a water-strider hanging about the vendor, so hopefully this NPC has more water-type companions for sale.

Also note that the NPC looks like the fish-people race of the Jinyu faction (allied with the alliance). The horde version of the Jinyu is the Hozen. This makes me wonder if there's another vendor in Pandaria specifically for horde that sells the same pets or the horde equivalent. Or maybe this particular NPC is neutral? According to Idoru, the vendor wouldn't speak with them although they're neutral. Faction reputation grinding, anyone? Heh. :P


  1. I'm exalted with Glassfin Jinyu and he's still not able to be spoken to.

    1. @Anonymous: Since it's the beta, it's possible that he's just not fully functional yet, and is more of a placeholder for a future implementation of a Pet Vendor.


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