Thursday, March 29, 2012

Pet Journal Preview & Account Wide Collection

UPDATE: For a FULL LIST (it's huge!) of all the pets listed in the Pet Journal, check out this post here. Remember it's the beta, things could change, not all pets will make the cut, etc.

I feel like I'm having a companion pet overdose! The Pet Journal is on the beta, and account wide pets is also available for testing too. PLUS the Kalimdor wild pets have been implemented in many of the zones (not all yet).

I plan on getting some video of the Pet Journal since there's quite a lot to take in. Don't think a few screenshots will do it justice!

Some details on the Pet Journal so far:
- It lists all of your currently owned pets plus all the pets you do not have (greyed out).

- Wild pets are listed and you can preview their models. There's a button for "Info" on the wild pets, but so far it doesn't do anything.

- You can add three pets to your battle team, and it will show what abilities each of the pets have as well as their level.

- There's a filter to help sort your pets by class/category and collected/not collected/favorites.

- There's a summon random pet button, but it currently doesn't work.
Here's a video preview of the Pet Journal! Best viewed in HD and with annotations (chat bubbles) turned on.

For account wide pets:
- Cross faction pets DO work! Gnomes with Horde Balloons, anyone? :D

- However, you must have already collected the faction specific pet in order to access it. (Example: My alliance druid's Alliance Balloon doesn't become a Horde Balloon when I look at my collection on a horde alt. I have to go out and collect the horde version to add it to my collection.)

- Atm, duplicate pets are combined into one that's available to all toons on your account. (Example: I have a Perky Pug on my druid and a Perky Pug on my shaman. I don't get two Perky Pugs. Instead they're combined and I only have access to one through the Pet Journal.)
Things are still being worked on, and the Pet Journal isn't entirely functional yet. So keep in mind that many things could change as more beta testing occurs. Also remember that there's a chance that some companions listed will not make it into the MoP release.


  1. I got into this first wave of beta stuff too. I totally need to test out all the pet things on my druid, Lindele. :D

    1. @Rachelle J: It can get overwhelming, but it's worth checking out!


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