Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Archaeology Fun

mmo-champ has confirmed at least 3 archaeology companion pet rewards:
- Crawling Hand / Mummified Monkey Paw
- Clockwork Gnome
- Fossilized Hatchling
screenshots can be found in the companion pet section of their post that i've linked.

ah-ha! so that's where blizzard's decided to stick the crawling hand! (er... that didn't sound perverted to just me, did it? :P) i was thinking possibly a new halloween pet. but no, i think a mummy hand fits with archaeology much better.

but it makes you wonder... whatever happened to the rest of the body @_@

archaeology is shaping up to look like a really fun secondary tradeskill! there are so many vanity items tied to it that it's sure to keep collectors of all types busy for a while. i absolutely can't wait!
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