Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mixed Feelings

ahh, beta. you are a curse as much as you are a blessing.

while i was doing my usual hunt for information on the new cataclysm companions for my list, i came across some changes to quests that i've already completed on the beta. normally any changes wouldn't bother me, but these changes included pet rewards. D:

so i have a choice to make: wait until the expansion goes live to do the finalized version of the quest and obtain my non-combat pet reward then. OR pick another toon on the beta, re-level up to the appropriate level, go through the quest chain to reach the specific quest and finally complete the quest to receive the new companion reward.

ahhh both are equally undesirable! >_< sigh. i guess this is what one must sacrifice in order to see other (new) goodies prior to release.

besides, one missed pet opportunity won't kill me right? ....right??!!?!?! x_x

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