Saturday, September 18, 2010

Even More Possible Pets

mmo-champ has even more new pets from the latest beta patch! those listed in bold are new:
- Deathy
- Guild Herald
- Guild Page
- Gold Mini Jouster
- Blue Mini Jouster
- Tiny Shale Spider
- Pebble
- Landro's Lil' XT
- Enchanted Lantern
- Magic Lamp
- Elementium Geode
- Mr. Grubbs
- Brazie's Sunflower
just a reminder: this IS the beta. not ALL companions and items will make it into the live release of cataclysm. all companions and items are subject to change as well. but moving along...

deathy, as we already know, is the blizzcon 2010 redeemable in-game item for either attending blizzcon or purchasing the live stream.

pebble has also been mentioned as a possible quest reward companion from a deepholm or a reputation reward via the therazane faction in deepholm.

AAAAAALL the other pets listed above are entirely new! let's take some guesses as to what these companions may entail yea? :D

the guild herald and guild page are likely to be alliance and horde guild reputation rewards. last time i checked there was mention in the guild tab of a herald/page however the item itself was not working at the time. i'll have to double check when i log back into the beta.

the gold and blue mini jouster, well first thought that came to mind was the argent tournament, but seeing as how cataclysm will be well past that phase of the game... i really have no clue. perhaps there will be a new faction that enjoys tournaments too? on the other hand, it could be a nifty new toy-themed pet.

the shale spider, for the life of me i could not find a decent picture of, i'm guessing will be available somewhere from deepholm since their respective larger versions are found there. but we'll see! you can see what it looks like in this video (start watching at around 4 minutes 30 seconds. yes, the speaker is actually discussing hunter pets, but i'm guessing the companion version will just be a smaller model of the tamable one. (edit: found a larger picture of the actual mob found in the deepholm zone - shale spider)

the next one confuses me quite a bit. landro's lil' XT. a rename of the existing lil' xt? a model re-skin of the same companion that is more easily accessible for those who are unable to purchase the Blizzard PetStore one? i'm not entirely sure what to expect with this one.

enchanted lantern and the magic lamp are pretty straight forward, but where to find these pets? since many factions use magic and other forms of sorcery these two could really come from anywhere. although i'm leaning towards the tol'vir faction for the magic lamp since they appear to be in line with more of an ancient middle-eastern theme. and uh.. yenno, magic lamp, genies... get my drift?

the elementium geode has me thinking one of the elemental factions such as the therazane in deepholm. but now that i think about it, i'm having trouble imagining this companion since geodes as they exist naturally, are basically just rocks with crystals growing inside. could it be blizzard's finally giving us a true companion pet rock?! *gasp* one can only hope :P

since i couldn't find any information on mr. grubbs other than what mmo-champion has, the image used for this companion's tooltip suggests maybe a worm? being a named vanity pet, i think this one may be a quest reward of some sort. i'd love to have a pet worm! XD

and last but not least, brazie's sunflower! since an achievement of bloom and doom (Survive 100 waves on Endless Mode the Peacebloom Vs. Ghouls quest) was also released in this beta patch, i'm going to make a wild guess that the sunflower will somehow be linked to it. anyone else getting a "plants vs zombies" game deja vu? haha. i haven't played that game personally, but i hear it's quite good and addicting. blizzard HAS been known to sneak in pop culture into WoW, so it wouldn't surprise me if this was themed after a game that a few devs have a fondness for.

but WOW! that's a lot of new pets to discover and collect. remember that this is the beta and not everything found on the beta servers are guaranteed to make it into the live release of cataclysm. i'm crossing my fingers for many of them though, as they are just really awesome!
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