Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Cata Updates - Details

since i've been busy and a tad lazy to patch my beta client, i haven't been on the beta for some time. thankfully, WarcraftPets.com has been working hard on gathering the latest intel for us!

so far the newest updates to already announced pets are as follows:
- Dark Phoenix Hatchling (guild achievement required: Guild Cataclysm Dungeon Hero); 100g + X guild reputation

- Armadillo Pup (guild achievement required: Critter Kill Squad); 40s + X guild reputation
just to refresh your memory, a "guild group" under blizzard's terms is 4 guildies out of 5 people in a dungeon party. unfortunately, this means those who are in very intimate guilds but would like the dark phoenix hatchling will either need to recruit more to meet the 4/5 or join a larger guild.

another confirmed pet with (previously) very little information on was the Rustberg Seagull. WarcraftPets has discovered that upon the most recent beta patches, players will now need to be honored with their respective Tol Barad faction. the seagull will cost 60 Tol Barad Commendations.

and last but not least, the cataclysm engineering pets (personal world destroyer and de-weaponized mechanical companion) are learned at 475 from the engineering trainer. at this time these companions are still bind on pick up, meaning you must be an engineer to acquire/learn them. according to wowhead's cataclysm site, the mats for the two engineering pets are as follows:
- personal world destroyer: Cut Obsidian x2, Handful of Obsidian Bolts x2, Volatile Energy Converter

- de-weaponized mechanical companion: Cut Obsidian x2, Handful of Obsidian Bolts x2, Volatile Energy Converter
much of this could change since cataclysm is still in beta. but just in case.... i think i'm going to start saving up mats to power level engineering again! x_x
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