Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mr. Grubbs - Update

Doobjanka at warcraftpets is reporting that the Hidden Stash can drop off any mob in eastern plaguelands. if mr. grubbs has a chance to spawn within ANY hidden stash bag, regardless of which mob it dropped off of, this is great news for collectors! this would mean less competition for the carrion grubs and devourers creatures (quest mobs for a low level epl quest).

so while mr. grubbs farming has some similarities to the disgusting oozeling, there are definitely some factors that make hunting for him different than the oozeling. whether or not these factors make it any "easier" to obtain the pet is yet to be seen.

after i try going for some other new pets, i'll head back to epl to try my luck on random creatures for mr. grubbs.

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