Friday, September 24, 2010

Mini Jouster Bug

can you tell what's wrong with the following screenshots?
hint: there's three things wrong here.

(click on the second image to enlarge)
answers are found after the break!

if you answered that..
1 - the vanity pet has 30,951 hp
2 - the vanity pet is flagged for PVP
3 - the vanity pet did 1885 (critical!) DPS to a mob

...then you get a cookie in the shape of a dragon whelp! (because yenno, that's not overdone yet :P lol)

yes, this pet is either bugged or blizzard has decided to pump up vanity pets with steroids in cataclysm. the latter is not likely.

however, this does give me hope that blizzard does intend for the gold and blue mini jousters to interact with at least each other in the future. epic vanity pet duel may be in the works!

worst case scenario is that these two companions will not qualify as true non-combat pets come expansion. but i'm hoping this is not the case and that they are just bugged for the time being.

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