Sunday, September 26, 2010

Lantern Preview and Turkey

i'm taking a break from the elementium geode hunt. there's only so much ore one toon can handle before exploding!

Lantern Preview
while on break, harval pointed me in the direction of one of wowhead's most recent blog posts. it features two 3D model previews of the possible enchanted lantern pet. there's even a 3D model of deathy, the blizzcon 2010 redeemable reward!

strangely, though, the lanterns are labeled as "draenei" and "blood elf" lanterns. could this be hinting at race specific companions? perhaps a pet that changes depending upon the owner's faction/race? that would be pretty awesome and a first for vanity pets!

something else that caught my eye was a white murloc egg that teaches the companion spell for terky. i'm not sure if this item/spell has been sitting in the database for a while now, or if it's entirely new. wowhead says "Added in patch 4.0.0."

i don't want to get anyone's hopes up but... WoW's anniversary is around the corner and blizzard has been known to send out a gift for all those who log in during that special time of year, yea? it's around thanksgiving day, isn't it? mashed potatoes and terky, anyone? *cough*baby murloc dressed in a turkey costume please*cough*

well, we'll see. :)

**update: re: terky - rhapture found some info on the white murloc egg and terky that's pretty dated. over 2 years to be specific. it may have been a china-only iCoke promotion. :( so it's probably unlikely that we'll be seeing this companion any time soon. i guess i jumped the gun when i saw this pet. my desire for a baby murloc was too strong!

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