Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Does Want! - Dark Phoenix Hatchling

we're in luck! warcraftpets brings us a video preview of the dark phoenix hatchling! it has the same model as the phoenix hatchling, but instead of a red/yellow color scheme it's primarily pink/purple. it's gorgeous nonetheless and i can't wait to get my hands on it! i'd love for the two phoenixes to interact with each other when the two meet. i can just imagine the glorious swirls of color that would ensue as they play with each other. but i doubt there will be any sort of animation between the two.

the video description mentions that it costs 300 gold which is something i'll have to double check for myself once i log into the beta. a few patches ago it was only 75g (plus the achievement unlock requirement and a guild revered reputation). 75 to 300 is quite a jump up in price, but totally worth it if you adore collecting vanity pets imo. i wonder if once exalted there will be a discount on the guild rewards/companions.

quick note on the achievement for this companion:
"All reputations are retroactive. If you have the rep now, it will count in the guild achievement. Also note that the reputations have to be separate. Having Argent Dawn at exalted on 8 members still only counts as one towards the achievement.

Also, don't forget that this achievement requires revered guild faction for any of your reputations to count."
- Mumper
so check list time!
- you must earn revered with your guild BEFORE any of your exalted statuses count towards the achievement. example: if you are exalted with the argent dawn, but only friendly with your guild, it will not count.

- exalted status with factions are unique. even if multiple people have earned exalted with the same faction, it will only count as one towards the achievement.

- you must be revered with your guild to purchase the companion. (?)

- the item will cost 300 gold.
i'm going to have to double check the last two, but these are things that must be kept in mind if your guild is going to go after this pet.

naturally this achievement may be easier for larger guilds to complete, since there will be more people to spread out the exalted status with different factions. even so, the prerequisite of revered for those statuses to even count may be a big road block. how frustrating it will be if an inactive guild member (that will have next to no guild reputation due to their lack of game/play time to earn it) is exalted with that one last faction required to unlock the dark phoenix hatchling. D: as a guild leader, i can see myself possibly /headdesking a lot with this one...

in any case, i'm still looking forward to the challenge as well as the companion. :D

**update - after logging into the beta, yes, the dark phoenix hatchling will cost 300 gold. keep in mind that i am still only neutral with my beta guild so if there is a discount on guild rewards as your reputation goes up, expect the price to be significantly cheaper at higher reps.

another thing that i should probably mention is that it is not clearly stated whether or not you will need a certain reputation to purchase the companion. upon closer inspection, the achievement does state a revered status is needed, but that may just mean a revered reputation is necessary before your exalted reputations count towards the achievement. the companion item itself does not state that a reputation level is required in order to purchase the pet. since my beta guild has yet to unlock any of the companion achievements, i can't check if maybe the guild vendor will show the (possible) guild reputation requirements for each item.

it's still something to keep in mind and prepare for, though.

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