Thursday, September 30, 2010

New Day, New Beta Patch

another beta patch was released tonight. i'm happy to say that this one seems pretty stable so far. note: the changes/updates to the cataclysm pet list was as of the beta patch prior to this most recent on. no pet updates for beta patch 13117 yet.

i just hit friendly with my guild, but unfortunately this didn't reduce the price of the guild rewarded companion pets. i'm going to keep grinding out the rep to see if there's a discount at a higher reputation.

things to do in no particular order:
- mine mine mine! for ore that is. 72 stacks (not ore, STACKS) of elementium and no pet so far. this one is going to be a tough pet to get. no wonder it's bind on use instead of soulbound (like many other cataclysm companions so far).

- unlock therazane faction to do the pebble quest/daily.

- figure out how to acquire the tiny shale spider legitimately. also, test the respawn timer on jadefang. (killed tonight, sept. 30 @ 1125 PM) i'll be going back to see if she's respawned every few hours.

- continue leveling archaeology. still haven't discovered any of the pets :(

- check out engineering + enchanting. hopefully they've sorted out those two professions and the recipes for the pets will be available to learn soon.

- and last but not least... and my most dreaded item to do.. earn tol barad commendations and reputation for the rustberg seagull. this one will probably involve some pvp, something that i really don't enjoy all that much.
looking over this list... that's quite a bit to do. ^^; well, all in the name of research and pet collecting!

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