Friday, September 10, 2010


this is the short and sweet version as i may have more comments at a later date and time when my brain is less in a fog. ^^;

because we asked for it and blizzard has obliged:
- Rumbling Rockling
- Swirling Stormling
- Whirling Waveling
- Fox Kit
- Clockwork Gnome
- Crawling Claw
- mmo-champ (under "Spell Diffs" section)
mmo-champ notes: "These changes are from the comparison of game files, they are not official changes and nothing is final until it's confirmed by Blizzard AND on live servers. It could be a simple test change, or me being stupid and not doing things properly."

my guess is the first three will turn out to be the missing elemental friends blizzard mentioned they would be adding come expansion.

fox kit is a baby fox... which many of us begged, pleaded, and offered their first child for. oh, wait... was i the only one who did that? :P

clockwork gnome. uhm. am i the only one who has strange ideas about this one? a windup little person... uhh. yea. i won't go there. :P think it'll count as a humanoid or will we be able to use a leash on this? hm..... we'll see!

and last but not least the crawling claw. could be a renamed version of the crawling hand pet that was datamined a little while ago. or maybe an animal version?

these last two intrigue me the most!

edit: clarification - the crawling claw will be obtained through archeology (mummified monkey paw)
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