Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Singing Sunflower

i just completed the quest chain to get the singing sunflower. if you've seen the video on how to complete the quests, then you're already slightly ahead of the game.

i'll be completely honest - i failed many times on the second quest and was extremely frustrated. i'm just not a tower defense type of player. it almost seemed as if i would never get this pet because of this. there may be many others out there who may struggle with this one so here are just some notes on how to (hopefully) make it that much easier for all the plants vs zombies noobs (like me!):

- use #1 (the sunflower) immediately upon entering the playing field. the game circles around gathering energy to build, but the sunflowers do have an internal cooldown. the more you have down, the more energy you'll have available to you. don't worry too much about losing them. in fact i was actually using them as barriers at times when other plants were on cooldown. they do attack zombies that are attacking them, although not for much.

- before the last quest, any square that was filled with a sort of orange gas effect would make the sunflowers yield a crazy amount of energy. i tried to utilize those as best as i could but really... if you have enough sunflower planted already, you won't need anymore help getting energy. for the last quest, squares with the orange gas effect did damage and killed plants in that specific square.

- the more cluttered/filled up for your field is, the better!! in the beginning i tried to keep things neat and organized, trying to place plants strategically. this only led to frustration and failure. after some coaching from my better half, i learned that filling up the field with mostly sunflowers and the rest random DPS plants and walls was the key to success.

- despite what the guy in the video says, there really is no "strategy" that i used other than get as many sunflowers down for a nearly endless supply of energy, and maybe 1 or 2 of each DPS plant for each row. as long as i kept the zombies at bay and the harder hitting ones occupied with the blocks/walls, everything worked out. if goal #1 is to "farm" energy with sunflowers, then goal #2 is to completely block off the zombies from getting deep into your field, so that means filling every single square with SOMETHING! doesn't matter what, just spam those plants and blocks on cooldown! don't forget to spam click on the energy balls, trust me.. it'll be raining balls if you have enough sunflowers planted.

- the DPS plants have a somewhat smart targeting AI. they will attack zombies either directly in front of them (priority) or directly next to them (secondary).

- the blocks/walls can be placed right on top of a zombie as long as there's no other plant or block in that square. the blocks also taunt all zombies in the immediate vicinity, even those that aren't in the same lane as the block.

- for the boss fight, once i had my field filled with energy suppliers and a few DPS plants scattered about, i filled the last 2 rows with tentacle plants and walls, saving one square right in the middle at the end of the field for a periodic bomb. i replaced any plants that died immediately with more of the same or similar plant but generally i tried to save up energy for the costly ones (tentacle plants). those that died in the back i regrew mainly sunflowers. plants and walls that were destroyed/killed towards the front were replaced with usually tentacle plants or walls, depending which one wasn't on cooldown. i also used the bombs when they were off cooldown on the square that i left open.

- if you attempt to just leave the quest area or "vehicle" mid-way through the encounter, there's a chance you will bug it out and will need to drop the quest and pick it back up to unbug it.

- one final warning: if you're on a PVP server or have yourself flagged to engage in PVP, you may get some grief in between quest progression. while actively on the quest, you are phased out and cannot be targeted. however, in order to turn in or pick up the quest you are open game. you're most vulnerable just as you complete one of the quests and are phasing back in to turn it in to the quest giver.

as hard as it is for me to admit, i needed quite a bit of help to finish. but after following all of the advice given to me by my other half, i succeeded in completing the quest chain easily. it was almost laughable. sigh, i guess i'm just not cut out for a game such as plants vs. zombies XD

anyway, the pet seems to still be in the works since it doesn't have a song yet despite being a "singing" sunflower. it's also currently untargetable as well as immobile. i'm definitely looking forward to a completed version of this pet!

ps: i'd love to have a miniature companion version of the "spitter" plant that you use during the quest encounter :D

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