Thursday, September 23, 2010

Blue and Gold Mini Jouster

while i was leveling up mining so i could hunt for the elusive elementium vein for a chance at the elementium geode companion, i decided to satisfy my curiosity about the quest chain that was recently changed to offer a choice between the blue and gold mini jouster pets.

the quest chain is very straight forward and linear. it starts at the shrine of aviana in mount hyjal and there are no prerequisites to start the chain (other than maybe needing to be the appropriate level for the zone). after copying my paladin onto the beta server, i headed straight for that area and picked up the first quest with no problem. it's solo-able and won't take a level 80 in relatively ok gear much time to finish at all.

the companions are awarded from the second to last quest in the entire chain, but you may only choose one pet. sadness! and yes, being quest rewards these pets are bind on pick up. well, we can't have them all i guess heh.

some notes on the last part of the chain that eventually rewards the quest:
- it's easiest way to "kill" the mobs is if you let your mount descend somewhat and then fly up underneath the other birds to ram into them.

- if your mount dies due to the falling rocks, don't worry! you should be automatically teleported back onto the ledge safe and sound where you can remount and finish the quest. your quest progress is saved, so don't worry about having to start over.

as you can see, i chose the blue one for this particular toon. the doll sitting on the back of the bird has a tiny little jousting lance. the gold one, despite having a different icon, has the same model, just colored yellow instead of blue.

i'm not sure what will happen if you place a blue one next to a gold one. the comments over at suggest that there's no exciting duel or interesting animation... yet. hopefully blizzard will have some time to add one in for these two companions!

to summarize:
- the quest chain starts at the shrine of aviana in mount hyjal

- there are no prerequisites to start the chain

- it is solo-able

- you may only pick one of the companions as a reward

- the pets are BoP

- they have a cool animation when summoned (consists of your toon cheering and a spark of yellow or blue light appearing in the spot where your companion is spawned)

- even though they are birds, the dolls are quite "heavy" so they will not fly along side you :(

well, back to leveling mining. i WILL capture you, you little... geode mining pet.. thing!

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