Friday, October 26, 2012

5.1 Achievement Adjustments

According to the latest datamined information from the 5.1 PTR, it turns out that Mr. Bigglesworth will not be a drop off of a raid boss. Instead, he will be the reward for completing the achievement to collect all the vanilla raid boss dropped companions.

In addition to this, the achievement name has changed. Before it was Classic Raid Collector. Now it's called Raiding With Leashes.

MMO-Champion also has some screenshots of the Red Panda Cub that was mentioned as the reward for completing the achievement Seek and Defeat (defeat 8 legendary pets). However, when searching for this achievement on Wowhead and MMO-Champion, it seems to have been either removed or renamed. We'll see if the Red Panda Cub is still an achievement reward or a pet from some other source.

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