Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wild Pets Re-Introduced

I've been pretty engrossed in Pet Battles these days. So much so that I've neglected gearing up properly for raiding (which starts next week for my guild, meep).

There were some hotfixes recently, but I don't think I'll go over them. Most of them were changes to pet abilities/attacks and bug fixes.

6 wild pets that were removed from the Pet Journal just before MoP was released were re-introduced into the journal.
- Devouring Maggot
- Emperor Crab
- Feverbite Hatchling
- Garden Moth
- Shrine Fly
- Silkbead Snail
I'm not sure if the others that were omitted from the journal during the beta will make it back into our collections. We'll see.

WowInsider has two articles that are wroth the quick read, "How to get a Hopling pet" and "How to choose between the same pets, but different stats".

Other than that, it's back to hunting for pets!

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