Wednesday, October 24, 2012

5.1 Tooltips and Clock'em

After checking out the PTR a bit more, I found another neat update. Pet items will show how many of that pet you've collected.

If you're at the cap for a specific companion, the tooltip will show it in red.

Unfortunately, this new tooltip only shows up on pet items. This means pets that have not been learned and then caged by a player. These pets can be found under the Companion Pets tab in the AH, while caged pets can be found under the Battle Pets tab.

So if you're checking out the caged companions on the Auction House, be sure to double check your own collection before purchasing to make sure you're not already at the duplicate limit.

Another new discovery I made on the 5.1 PTR is the Brawler's Guild. There's actually a pet that can be purchased from this new faction's quartermaster. I don't know how I missed it before, but here's the information now!

The Brawler's Guild is described in the official PTR patch notes as "underground fighting rings" in Stormwind and Orgrimmar. And let me tell you, underground fighting ring literally means underground fighting ring!

I haven't checked out Orgrimmar yet, but in Stormwind the new Brawler's Guild area is hidden away under the Deeprun Tram. There's a small tunnel and flight of stairs that will lead you down into the arena. That's where all the action is.

It's also where the quartermaster resides. Quackenbush sells other Brawler's Guild items, but the big one is a new pet, Clock'em.

There isn't a reputation requirement on the item, but you can't purchase it right off the bat. I believe you have to earn "ranks" with the Brawler's Guild by winning PVE challenges inside the ring.

I haven't tried it out yet, but from what I saw, it's basically like an arena match except you're up against NPCs and other non-player mobs. It's a solo encounter, so you're on your own inside the ring!

It's still early, so Clock'em doesn't have any rep or rank requirements listed yet. But I'm sure one will be added later on. For now, it's a safe bet that some time and engery will need to be spent fighting for your life in the ring to prove yourself worthy of Clock'em to the Brawler's Guild faction.

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