Friday, October 12, 2012

5.1 Pets - How to Get Them

Wowhead found out where the new 5.1 pets come from:
- Cinder Kitten: Blizzard PetStore, BoP

- Darkmoon Hatchling: Darkmoon Faire pet vender (Lhara) for 90 DMF tickets, BoU

- Darkmoon Eye: Possible drop from the new DMF Tamer daily reward (Darkmoon Pet Supplies), BoU

- Darkmoon Glowfly: Capturable wild pet from the Darkmoon Island.

- Imperial Moth and Imperial Silkworm: Possible drops while doing the Imperial Silk transmute (Tailoring) in the Silken Fields, BoU.
Additionally, game designer Jonathan LeCraft (aka @TheCrafticus) Tweeted an image showing a preview of the possible Tailoring drops.

PLUS, Dave Maldonado (@Dave_Maldo), another game designer, also Tweeted a preview of the Darkmoon Eye!

I feel so spoiled with all of these previews and teasers! I'm not used to having so much companion information readily available like this lol.

Anyway, looks like at least one pet from the DMF will be purchasable. There's still time to earn tickets since the faire is still open, so get your dailies and quests turned in ASAP!

Players that have Tailoring might want to max out the profession if they haven't already. I'm so please that there's another profession pet. Dare I hope that every profession will receive the same love and attention? Of course my hope would also include that all profession companions are BoU and not BoP. Would that be asking for too much? :P

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