Thursday, October 4, 2012

Collecting MoP Crafted Pets

Tonight I spent quite a bit of gold power leveling my paladin's engineering to a high enough skill level to craft the Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling.

I had to farm the Spirits of Harmony since they're soulbound, though. It was quite the challenge since my pally is still 85 lol.

All in all, totally worth it! I find its skin a little strange looking, though. Especially on its nose area. The dark area makes it look odd and I just can't get used to it.

On top of the dragonling, a guildmate of mine crafted the Sapphire Cub for me! :D Many hugs and thanks.

I absolutely adore this pet's model; it's so unique! Would be awesome if it came in other colors. ;)

I've already made myself both inscription kites, so now I just need to get the other JC crafted companion, the Jade Owl, and I'll be done with all of the new craftable pets. Crossing my fingers that I come across one soon!


  1. Can the dragonling be placed in a cage or do you have to have an engineer to learn it and that's it?

    They ARE gorgeous though!

    1. @Sephrenya: Yup, the dragonling can be caged. It's also BoE, so you could find an engineer to craft it, but only if they're willing to sell Spirits of Harmony though. It's pretty annoying that the spirits are bind on pick up. :\

  2. I found one on the AH. Probably paid way too much at 2500g, but pets are pets and I gotta catch em all. Happy Seph is happy :)


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