Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Snowy Owl Spawns

Sephrenia discovered that the Snowy Owls are up in Winterspring! EU for now, but that means NA servers should be seeing them spawn shortly.

Latest comments on Wowhead are also indicating that the Snowy Owl is indeed available for capture now. But if in doubt, simply check out Winterspring on your server.

It looks like "winter" will start November 1st, so good luck to everyone!


  1. Haven't come across any snowy owls yet, are they supposed to be zone wide? I've been flying around with my druid. I'll keep checking!

    1. @pandy: They spawn all around Winterpsring. Usually near other commonly found pets like Apline Hares and Chipmunks. I'm not sure what their respawn timer is like, but keep looking. You'll find one eventually! :)


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