Thursday, November 1, 2012

Sharing Pets

Pet collecting is generally a personal affair. You collect pets for your own pleasure and amusement. Unlike other gameplay, grouping to hunt for pets doesn't really work out since you can't really share the same exact companion.

But where there's a will, there's a way!

You might not be able to "raid" pet collecting, but you can definitely help out fellow collectors, friends, and guildmates. No, you can't capture wild pets for others since those companions aren't cageable. However, there is something you can do with one or two other players who have the same goal in mind as you: collect all the things!

If you're in the same area as friend, and you happen upon a rare quality pet that you already own, you can alert the other player to head over to your position. Once they're there, press "alt F4" and that will forcibly quit the game.

When you do this, it will kick you out of the battle without despawning the pet. Then your friend can take over and battle/capture the rare that you stumbled on!

Everyone wins in this situation. You suffer no losses since you already own the rare quality pet, and your friend gets one too. Hopefully they will reciprocate the favor someday. :)

Using the "alt F4" method to remove yourself from a battle without despawning the companion doesn't have to be just for guildmates and friends, though. If you feel so inclined, you could also use it for all pet collectors. Should you come across a rare that you already own, rather than killing it in battle, you could let another collector have a shot at it.

It would definitely be a considerate and generous but not mandatory thing to do, since it does take time and effort out of your gameplay, but think about how happy another collector will be when they find that rare pet you've left behind. :)

So whether you reserve this for just friends, or want to use it to help out everyone, or not at all, spread the pet love! :D


  1. /camp or simply logging out works too. Takes 20 seconds but negates having to start client and login again.

    1. @Pukanini: Both good ways to exit a Pet Battle without despawning the pet.

  2. Hey Quintessence, That an awesome idea. However, there's also a couple other method than Alt-F4 to get out of WoW. Alt-F4 is like End Tasking your program and in the long run could lead to having to run the WoW repair utility. Personally I'd recommend just hitting ESC and exit the game. I believe using /camp simulates the esc/exit and so will also exit WoW more gracefully.

    Thanks for the tip.


    1. @Talmar: Excellent point! I think for quick exiting, alt F4 is probably the best way, but if you have the time what you suggested is more appropriate.

  3. This method can also be utilized to save yourself from an "Oops" moment if you accidentally kill a rare pet you were trying to tame, or if you see you're going to lose the entire battle and the rare pet along with hit.

    Alt+F4 - /camp - /exit, etc.

    Log back in and start the battle over again.

    It's a neat tactic, but I fear that it's "unintended" behavior and it wont be too long until we see a fix along the lines of pets despawning if you logout/exit the game during a battle.

    1. @Unknown: If they do "fix" it, I think there's going to be some major upset. Not only for those that use it to save rares from despawning and if they accidentally kill it in battle, but for players that unintentionally disconnect often.

      It will be extremely frustrating for them if they get DC'ed mid-battle and log back into find their progress was for nothing and they lost the pet they were battling.


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